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If you took the day-in day-out beating that your floors do, you'd show some wear and tear, too! Whether they're carpeted or hard surfaced, you invested a lot in them, so help them stay beautiful longer. Call The Carpet Cleaners today!

Carpet & Floor Care


Worn carpets and scuffed floors aren't just an eyesore, they can be downright dangerous! Dirty flooring is a slipping hazard. Avoid costly insurance claims, not to mention hard feelings, with a little help from The Carpet Cleaners. We'll breathe new life into old floors and keep them looking great for years to come.

More than just an eyesore

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  -  Natural fiber and synthetics

  -  Vinyl and ceramic

  -  Tile and grout cleaning

  -  Clean and sanitize

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Call

The Carpet Cleaners.

People's eyes catch scratches and dirt on the floor. They just do. Your floor is as important to the aesthetic of your home or business as a painting. Don't let a painting be missed because of a lacking floor.

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Carpet & floor services

The eye has to travel

Dad's comfy recliner and the kids' sectional sofa are more than just places where you relax and unwind. Like carpets, they can be repositories for dirt, mites, and germs! Be sure to include your furniture in your regular home or office maintenance regimen with The Carpet Cleaners. Get your free quote by calling 715-514-7739.

Are you sitting on a problem?

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